Bin pets!

Hi Im sparkflower456!  I will show you how to train your bin pet and get lots of xp for it! Here is my bin pet. Its called sparkle! Glamm’s bin pet is called sparkle too lol! I have got alot of xp because ive been traing it juggling,fetching and spinning lol.


Now I will show you my binpet training room!

bin pet room spark 

I am going to tell you how to train your binpet. So If you want your binpet to listen to you then you have to click it’s Name then if you want it to come to you then you click come here and it will come and thats all you do for it to listen but there’s juggling  and spinning and fetching lol so there alot of thing’s you can do with your binpet. Oh Yeah  forgot when its juggling it will dance after a long time and it will give you xp for your binpet and you stroke it and it will get happy. You must always stroke your pet when it listens so it gets better at it!

There will be more tips on how to train your bin pet soon!


before you reply I would just like to say, the comment will be moderated so if any bad language in any message, one of the admins will send you a message about rules.

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