Binweevils Ultimate Cheats Best Blog Award Winners!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Weevily yay!!! The BWUC best blog awards winners have been announced! The winners are:

1st place: Bin Weevils Wiki

2nd place: B.W.H.S

3rd place: BinWeevils Cheat Site

Here are what these three lucky winners will be getting!



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Binweevils Ultimate Cheats Best Blog Awards Poll (POLL NOW CLOSED)


Hello Bin Weevils!

I’m really sorry this poll is late. I did a post about this but I think I left as a draft and then someone deleted it. So here is the poll anyway!


Hi Carly!

This is just a quick request:

I have changed a few things on BWHS, I have made a page to show you how to set the new posts out, I need you to read it and then make a post maybe showing one of your nest rooms and make it how it says you should on the page!

Many Thanks,


CarlyMarie’s Editing Competition Is Over!!

Hello Bin Weevils!!

Woo! The Competition is now over and here are the four lucky winners!!

1st place: TYANA2005 AND EMEEYCEEY (joint 1st)

2nd place: Bin-Pet-Master

3rd place: sparkflower456

Thank you to everyone who entered! All your edits looked great! But these three were very lucky to have got some fab prizes! Well done!

Here is tyana’s edit:


Emeeyceey’s edit:


Bin-Pet-Master’s edit:

Sparkflower’s edit:


Binweevils Ultimate Cheats best bw blog awards!

Weevily wow! Have you got a great blog and you really need a trophy?? Then you’ve come to the right place! I have got really good editing skills and I have finally made a lovely trophy! I just need to know which Binweevils Blog I could put! If you really need to get your hands on this shiny trophy, all you have to do is… COMMENT WITH THE OWNER OF THE BLOG, THE BLOG NAME AND LINK! So what you waiting for, you need to start entering! The poll will start on the 1st Februrary 2013! Start commenting!!

Here is what the winners will be getting:

1st place: Trophy


2nd place: Medal


3rd place: Certificate


Have You Got A Bin Tastic Nest Or Garden?

Hello Bin Weevils!


Want to see your nest or garden featured in a future issue of Bin Weevils Magazine? Now’s your chance! Keep an eye out around the Binscape Next Week for the visits of Glamm and Mudd, the mag’s top nest and garden experts.

Mudd will be visiting on Wednesday and Glamm will be in the Bin on Thursday. Good luck, weevily friends!

If your nest or garden is selected as the best of the best, you could even win a glittering ultra-rare trophy! To check out some top nest and garden ideas, look out for the all-new issue of Bin Weevils Magazine very soon – Issue #11 will be hitting the shelves on Wednesday the 23rd of January!

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Binweevils magazine pop quiz issue 10#!

Hello Bin Weevils!

It’s the final week to get your weevily hands on Issue #10, so grab it soon if you haven’t got your copy already! It’s packed with tips, tricks, super celeb secrets and more… including a Bin-tastic model of Flam’s plane to make!

Once you’ve read your Official Bin Weevils Magazine Issue #10 from cover to cover and back again, have a pop at the Pop Quiz below to get some sweet bonus Mulch to spend… and keep an eye out for the next new issue to hit the shelves soon!

The answer is:



The Official Bin Weevils Magazine is available at all good newsagents and supermarkets! (UK only)

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115 Dosh!

Hello bin weevils!

Today, Bin-Pet-Master got an extra 115 dosh coins! If your wondering how, then I will tell you that I got them in my monthly bin tycoon dosh salary.

I now have exactly 148 dosh (Now I can buy some more nest items from NESTCO and BIN-MART.)

If you want to find even more ways of earning dosh then visit our mulch xp and dosh guide!

dosh earningsa

Hope this helped!