Brilliant Bin Weevil beanbags! Customize Bin Weevils beanbags to match your nest room colour schemes!

Hello Bin Weevils!


Since the Shopping Mall was revamped last year, Bin Weevils have been able to select the colours of some Nestco and Bin Mart nest items.  Among the nest items that you can buy, in colours of your choice, are the Bin Weevil Beanbags available from Bin Mart.

The Bin Weevils Beanbags come in three designs:  Triangle Head, Square Head and Circle Head.

Each of the three Bin Weevil Beanbags can be bought in the colour of your choice.  To change the colour, click on the palette icon, in the top left-hand corner of the item picture, then click on your selected colour and purchase is the usual manner.

I thought these Bin Weevil Beanbags were so brilliant, I made a whole bunch of them!


In issue #20 of Best Nest the Nest Inspector features ten colour-themed rooms.  If you fancy creating a nest room, themed around a single colour, why not make yourself some colour-customized Bin Weevil Beanbags to go with it?  The Nest Inspector is sure to be impressed!

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