CarlyMarie’s Editing Competition Is Over!!

Hello Bin Weevils!!

Woo! The Competition is now over and here are the four lucky winners!!

1st place: TYANA2005 AND EMEEYCEEY (joint 1st)

2nd place: Bin-Pet-Master

3rd place: sparkflower456

Thank you to everyone who entered! All your edits looked great! But these three were very lucky to have got some fab prizes! Well done!

Here is tyana’s edit:


Emeeyceey’s edit:


Bin-Pet-Master’s edit:

Sparkflower’s edit:



Note to all editors!

It has been a while and no one has done a post except for me and my bro jamdoms. Please start doing posts for this blog. I have been doing most of the work on this blog and I would like some help please. You can put up a page with all your edits! You can add any page but please ask first! I have got lots of blogs to do and I don’t really have much time to do my OWN!! Please help! Also, when you do your posts, please categorise and tag it! Soon I will put up a competition like Emeeyceey did, but a bit different. So start posting!!!

New competition!!


Weevily wow!! Carly has finally got a competition for all you weevily players! Go onto the competition page to find out more!! This is an editing competition! 3 lucky weevils will get these prizes!!

1st place: 100,000 mulch

2nd place: Their blog advertised on Carly’s blog for a whole month!!

3rd place: Get an edit from Carly!!!

Do you have what it takes?