Enter The The Big Blog Awards AND The Weevil Awards 2013!

kieran6955 here with fantastic news!

To enter your blog for the Big Blog Awards all you need to do is re-blog this post AND comment your site owner!

Also to enter The Weevil Awards just tell me your weevil name and tell me your site link (optional)

We also have a new category. Best Blogger of 2012! all those people for that category will be selected by kieran6955, Davee and scampy56!

Please note: All authors of this blog cannot be entered to the last 2 category s.

One more note: If you re-blog this post the weevil that had done it will be automaticly be entered in all the awards!


Kieran6955 Joins…

Hey Weevils!

I am kieran6955! You may know me from various blogs or maybe not. I was the 2nd author of Emeeyceeys Bin Edits and I own Weevily Times & Designer. I also have a Youtube Channel which you can view by clicking here.If you Sub to my channel it will make me happy, also if I get 20 Subs I will give away 2 weevil accounts!