New Header pic!

Hey there! Have you noticed something? Yep! Theres a new header pic! Thanks to thedoctor999 for creating it for me. He made a different one, but I thought this one was better. Here are the ones he made:



Looks great right? Do you think you can make this? I can tell you, I CAN’T! lol

Hello Weevily Readers!

Welcome to Bin Weevils Ultimate Cheats! On this page we will show you all the new things happening in the bin! Come on here regularly to see more!

Christmas garden items!!

Check out the new garden items you can get. But there are only three, which are, holly fence, chrsitmas tree and gingerbread house. I bought all of them. You must be a tycoon to buy these items!! SO BUY IT NOW!! Also, tycoon membership is a great christmas present, so remember to add it to your wish list!!!


new author!!!♥

Welcome to the new author, sparkflower456 We are so glad we recruited you! She will have her own page soon! So keep on the lookout! She will show you all the edits she can do. Here is a picture of her. Also sparkflower will be one who is going to make the bin pet page! IxD! Also I’m on Emeeceey’s bin edits! Check it out! Remember to check my page!