Weekend Puzzle Challenge

Hello Bin Weevils!!!


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Binweevils magazine pop quiz issue 10#!

Hello Bin Weevils!

It’s the final week to get your weevily hands on Issue #10, so grab it soon if you haven’t got your copy already! It’s packed with tips, tricks, super celeb secrets and more… including a Bin-tastic model of Flam’s plane to make!

Once you’ve read your Official Bin Weevils Magazine Issue #10 from cover to cover and back again, have a pop at the Pop Quiz below to get some sweet bonus Mulch to spend… and keep an eye out for the next new issue to hit the shelves soon!

The answer is:



The Official Bin Weevils Magazine is available at all good newsagents and supermarkets! (UK only)

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Captain UnderPants is back in the bin!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Guess whats came back to the bin, It’s captain underpants! If your a really great fan then head over to the shopping mall and get a poster! So what are you waiting for, weevil down to the shopping mall now!


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New winter wonderland!

Weevily wow! The new winter wonderland is released! I did almost everything! I changed my pet, took some pics with some friends, got some toys for my pet and also I got the daily gift! Here is a picture of what my pet looks like now!


Looks just like me! Also here is what the winter wonderland looks like!